Mediation Success Story – Rose and Danny
Rose and Danny came to our office with a unique proposition. They were ready to file for divorce, but they wanted to work out a settlement which would allow them to remain in the marital home after the divorce, until their son graduated from high school. Danny owned his own company. Rose worked part time for Danny’s business, but had predominantly been a stay at home mother. They had been married for nearly 20 years and due to the length of the marriage and the disparity in incomes, it was nearly assured that Danny would have to pay spousal support to Rose.

Had they hired separate attorneys and litigated their divorce, Rose and Danny, due to the spousal support and business valuation issues, would most likely spend a year in litigation and would have paid tens of thousands of dollars in attorney and expert fees.

Instead, during the following six weeks, we had a number of mediation sessions. I was able to assist them in reaching an agreement on all of their issues. We came up with a plan that would allow the parties to remain in the house together post-divorce, but also came up with an alternative in case it did not work out and the parties decided to separate. They also reached an agreement on a creative spousal support plan in which Rose will be paid a certain percentage of the business income. This allowed Danny to continue to operate his business without causing him financial hardship and allowed Rose to receive her share of the value of the business and spousal support.

We drafted an agreement, which contained all of the provisions of the settlement. They were divorced four months after their first meeting.

Mediation Success Story – John and Linda
John, a doctor, came to the office because he had discovered that his wife, Linda, was having an affair, and he wanted to file for divorce. Despite being angry about the affair, he wanted to complete the divorce with minimal disruption for their two young children.

Had they hired aggressive attorneys to litigate the divorce, the civility between them likely would have been quickly destroyed, as John’s attorney would likely have made an issue about the affair. This would have made conversations regarding custody very difficult.

We spent our first meeting creating a snapshot of the marital assets. We agreed that we needed additional information regarding the value of certain assets, which the parties obtained themselves without the usual course of sending subpoenas or hiring appraisers.

After several meetings, the parties reached an agreement. In spite of the painful cause of the divorce, the parties were able to complete the process quickly and discretely.

Mediation Success Story – Steve and Nicole

Steve and Nicole are both doctors and had been married for more than 25 years. Due to their high incomes, they had several million dollars in investments, in addition to a large home and other real estate. Steve told us that he wanted to keep their finances private and their children as protected from chaos as possible.

Instead of sending interrogatories, serving subpoenas and taking depositions, the parties exchanged documents regarding the values of their assets. Once we had a complete picture of the marital assets, both parties signed affidavits swearing that all of the assets were included in the divorce. The couple agreed to share the custody on their children, child support was determined, and the details of the parenting plan were discussed and negotiated.

Emile T., Client

I am so thankful to Michelle Rozen for a wonderful service throughout our divorce process. Michelle has been very professional, ethical and responsive in dealing with both of us. We are both NYC residents with young kids and have been litigating in court for over four years, when we both decided, as bad as the situation between us was, that we are just not ready to litigate anymore. Michelle is clearly very experienced as she was able to resolve our case very effectively. My ex wife and I are very pleased with her services. The judge was pleased to hear that our case was finally resolved and it was a huge relief for both of us. I have referred her to a number of my friends and they were very pleased as well. I highly recommend Michelle Rozen and she was certainly the best choice to be the mediator for my divorce.

Amy G., Client

NYC Divorce Mediator- Best Option For You, By Far! – Don't think twice and choose Michelle Rozen as your divorce mediator. We went to three other consultations before we met Michelle. She is so helpful, so supportive and so resourceful, Also just a very pleasant person to be around. You really don't want an unpleasant professional going thorugh this nightmare. She was recommended to us by our therapist. Well, if marriage therapy didn't work out, at least I feel proud that we made good choice for our kids and ourselves by working with Michelle.

Rebecca L., Client

Excellent Divorce Mediator – Divorce Without Disaster- indeed. I didn't think it was possible. I also didn't think it was possible for anyone to reason with my husband, but she managed to, and I am happy with the results and so happy to put all of this behind me. This review is to really thank Michelle for allowing for a divorce without the disaster. She is in midtown, so it's very easy to get there if you are in the city and if you are not in the city, she is also in north Jersey and in Westchester county. My husband saw her in Westchester county and I saw her in the city. Some people have joint sessions but for us it worked better this way.

S. Leeds, Client

Don't think twice- choose this mediator – I can't thank Michelle Rozen enough for holding our hands through this. She is so professional, so resourceful, and so helpful along this tough path. Not that I recommend divorce (Wasn't my choice, anyway), but if it's gotta be- go with Michelle.

Adriana M., Client

Helped Us So Much!!!! – Michelle Rozen helped us so much! We filed with a complete agreement less than three weeks after setting foot in her office. She also helped us with good advice as far as telling the kids and it worked great.

P. Altos, Client

Yes to mediation, and 100% with this divorce mediator – I am not usually the one to post reviews but I have decided to go out of my way this time. I don't know how to thank Michelle Rozen enough for helping my ex husband and myself go through our divorce and remain sane and reasonable with each other. She never loses her patience, she is always there for you and with her calmness, experience and wisdom, we were able to have a divorce agreement within (believe it or not) ten days. So thatnkful I found her. One of the nicest professionals in NYC and just what you need going through such a tough process.

D. M, Client

Best NYC Divorce Mediator – If you are in the process of divorce, life is not easy for you right now, to say the least. I know. I have been there. When you are sure that this is your choice, or if it's your spouses choice and you know that this is it, then it is not about the 'if' anymore, it's about the 'how'. You should really contact Michelle Rozen. We have interviewed three other mediators before we met this nice and professional lady. She is very easy to talk to, very easy to reach with any problem and she totally knows what she is doing. Even if you think that your case is hopeless for mediation, it is not hopeless with her. She has really been a rock of stability and sensibility to both of us. We were able to walk out with a divorce agreement after two and a half weeks! She does offer a free consultation meeting. Make sure you ask for that!