Legal Separation

Divorce and Legal Separation Agreements

In mediation, both the husband and wife reach a mutually agreed upon, signed
and notarized divorce or separation agreement. This agreement will summarize financial issues, custody, visitation, child support, health insurance, property division and more.

Now, with the new NY divorce law, couples in NY can claim irreconcilable differences as grounds for divorce. However, both divorce and legal separation are offered as an option to residents of NY and CT. NJ offers filing for divorce, but does not offer the option of legal separation. Legal separation essentially means becoming two financial units- but remaining technically married. You can remain on each other’s health insurance, which is the main benefit of legal separation for many couples, or just take your time to reevaluate things while being legally separated and before filing for divorce.

Keep in mind, that filing for divorce, when done through mediation, is not complicated and not expensive, and most importantly, because you have resolved your issues outside of Court and the Court only granted your divorce but did not decide on the content of the agreement, the content of your agreement, unlike a litigated agreement, is strictly confidential. In today’s electronic age, this is a very significant consideration to keep in mind.

As an expert mediator, who specializes in divorce and separation agreements, I can reach a divorce or a legal separation agreement for you within 2-3 meetings. I specialize in separation agreements and divorce mediation in Westchester, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Rockland Counties in NY, Fairfield county CT, as well as divorce mediation in Bergen, Union, Essex, Passaic and all other counties of NJ.

My expertise is in working with you and with your spouse in order to draft a fair and comprehensive divorce or separation agreement; one that maximizes financial savings, highlights child care, and fosters cooperation.

Divorce and separation are never easy, but they do not have to be traumatic and costly. If you need a quick, affordable and binding separation agreement, contact me today at 1-800-506-6953 in order to schedule your free consultation meeting.

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