Child Custody

Child Custody Arrangements and Parenting Plans- NY and NJ

Separation and divorce can be devastating but as in any other aspect of your life,
whether professionally or personally, challenges that are confronted effectively can improve relationships and lead to personal growth and improved coping mechanisms- for you, and for your child.

As difficult as it may seem, parents must continue to parent together even as they separate. My experience and professionalism as a mediator, and my extensive background in family related conflict management will guide you in creating a cooperative process which will begin in mediation and continue further on in your parenting as a divorced couple. This would enable you to design a proactive agreement that would address various topics in your present parenting (schedules, child support, out of the ordinary expenses, decision-making mechanisms and more), as well as future parenting issues such as college education.

The parenting plan is an important aspect of your separation or divorce agreement if you have minor kids together. Your parenting plan should cover important issues such as custody arrangements, child support, health insurance, decisions taking, life insurance, education, extracurricular activities and more. It is important to note that in mediation you are in control of your parenting plan and can design it according to your needs and your kids needs. Yes, you will negotiate with your soon to be ex under the mediator’s professional’s guidance, but unlike in litigation, where the details of your parenting plan are decided upon by the judge, you will still have more control and much more impact on your parenting plan, which is so important both for you and for your kids.Please contact me today, at 1-800-506-6953 in order to schedule your free consultation meeting where we can discuss your parenting plan and all issues related to your separation and divorce.

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