Personal Message from Dr. Michelle Rozen


By visiting my webpage I understand that you are contemplating divorce, or going through one. For over ten years, I have dealt with many types of divorce, separation and custody related situations. From very amicable couples who agreed on everything, to couples who agreed on absolutely nothing- and have still ended up settling through mediation. I hold a PhD in Conflict Management, teach and train mediators. Recently, I have been recognized for excellence in mediation by the Association of Conflict Resolution. I offer a free consultation meeting to all of my clients, in which I don’t only explain the process, but also set the foundation to it with the specific methodology that I use that is the result of my extensive mediation research and experience. I am inviting you to look through the webpages, to visit my youtube channel and read some of the articles that I have written over the years, so that you can get more information about how I can help you. Remember, with mediation, you will be getting the same end result- a divorce, a separation or a custody settlement- only with a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the unnecessary agony that comes with a litigated divorce. You are welcome to call me any time with any questions or to schedule a consultation meeting.

I am looking forward to meeting you, and helping you go through this in the best possible way.

Yours truly,

Dr. Michelle Rozen