How to choose a divorce mediator?

Choosing the right divorce mediator for you and for your spouse is critical for the success of the process.You want a divorce mediator who has received a certificate of divorce mediation training (40 hours) as well as a certificate of intensive advanced training. Mediators may come from other relevant professions like family law and family therapy.
You may also want to check experience with the issues relating to divorce are important qualifications. While specific divorce mediation experience is a clear credential,and it is important to ask the mediator about his or her background and training. The more trained and experienced the mediator is, the higher the chances of success in the process.

Look for a qualified professional with whom you feel comfortable—You want your mediator to be a skillful facilitator who helps you define your own choices but who can also, when appropriate, offer specific options from his experience that you may not have considered. Choose someone whom you believe is qualified and with whom you feel very comfortable so you can be as open as possible.