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Dr. Michelle Rozen has been mediating, training mediators, researching and teaching mediation for over ten years.

Dr. Rozen holds a PhD in Conflict Analysis and Resolution and mediates cases daily in her extensive practice in NY and NJ. Dr. Rozen is the author of The Effective Mediation and an active writer for The Huffington Post on issues related to Effective Mediation.

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Dr. Rozen works closely with her clients to make sure that they are all well informed and that their cases receive the most professional and effective mediation process, so that they can settle their cases in the most affordable, quick and amicable manner. In her practice, she handles some very amicable cases and some very difficult cases, that have been in court for years and settled through mediation under Dr. Rozen’s professional guidance.

Join the constantly growing circle of clients who managed to save a fortune on their divorce and get exactly what they were looking for: a quick, amicable and affordable divorce process, that spared their kids and themselves the unnecessary agony of a litigated divorce.

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