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"Don't think twice- choose this mediator – I can't thank Michelle Rozen enough for holding our hands through this." - S. Leeds
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About Mediation

Mediation is a collaborative process in which both parties work with a neutral third party, the mediator, to help them come to agreements as far as their settlement. Mediation is a short, well structure process and it is typically very helpful to the parties because it offers a quick, amicable, affordable way to get a divorce without unnecessary agony and excruciating legal fees. To read more click here.


Mediation is truly the best way to go about separation or divorce. Not only that you will be saving significantly on your divorce or separation expenses, but you will also be sparing your kids as well as yourself the trauma of an adversarial divorce.

Here are some of the benefits of divorce mediation in New York:

1. Affordable: Mediation costs a fraction of the price compared to litigation.

2. Allows Flexibility: In mediation, you can remain co-owners of an asset as long as it makes sense to both of you, and the terms of the ownership are well defined. You can be more structured or more flexible in your parenting schedule. Basically, you can have the flexibility to do things the way it would work for the benefit of both of you, without being forced to go one way or another by the Court.

3. Binding: Mediated agreements are as binding as litigated agreements. Child support and custody, as well as the rest of the terms of the agreement are just as enforceable as in litigated agreements. Not only that mediated agreements are just as binding as litigated agreements, but research clearly shows that the compliance rate to mediated agreements is significantly higher to that of the compliance rate to litigated agreements.

4. Confidential: Not only that the mediation process itself is strictly confidential, but the agreement is also completely confidential. The only thing that would be public knowledge is that a divorce decree was granted on a certain date. Beyond that, all of the information regarding your assets, debt and kids- will remain completely confidential.

5. Collaborative: In mediation you work together, with the help of the mediator, to come to understandings and agreements regarding the details of your separation, divorce or prenuptial agreement. Not only that it will not damage your relationship, but it will actually help alleviate a lot of the tension around the issues in dispute. Please keep in mind that the mediator does not expect you to resolve the issues before coming to mediation. It is perfectly normal to have sticking points and work on those with the mediator.

6. Empowering: Mediation empowers the parties to take good and sensible decisions regarding their separation, divorce, prenuptial agreement, postnuptial agreement, custody agreement, or any other agreement that needs to be facilitated between the parties.

7. Quick: Unlike litigation, which is a very lengthy procedure that may take years, mediation is a quick, well structured process. Many of my clients complete the process within 2-4 meetings following the free consultation meeting.

8. Provides Structure: Mediation is a well-structured process which is aimed at quickly and efficiently defining structure, roles and responsibilities, which is much needed and typically very helpful to my clients.

9. Reduces Anxiety: Many clients are very anxious prior to mediation, not knowing what to expect both from the process and from their soon to be ex. Mediation is a well-structured process that helps alleviate much of that anxiety by providing the clients immediate structure, much needed information about the process, and a short process that takes them from point A to point B in the best possible way.

10. Promotes Good Co-Parenting Relationships: Unlike litigation, which brutally damages relationships, mediation not only does not damage the relationship between the parties but often allows for some improvement in the sense of dialogue, communication and closure.